Suzanne Lyons M.A., M.A.
Author, Educator, Game Designer, Business Owner


The Direction of Education—Increasing Integration

The increasing integration of the science curriculum has been underway for a few decades. At one time, introductory science courses were “general science” courses—survey courses covering the physical and life sciences as separate studies. Today, introductory science...

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Conceptual Integrated Science

Conceptual Integrated Science is a textbook program co-authored by Suzanne Lyons and her talented colleagues Paul Hewitt, John Suchocki, and Jennifer Yeh. In this program, the authors teach “Integrated Science”—that is, the study of the major branches of...

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Cooperative Games to Teach Kindness and Prevent Bullying

Background on Bullying The basic fact of bullying is that it is a cruel torment, so disturbing that most educators would prefer to look away. But of course we know we cannot. The Department of Health and Human Services defines bullying this way: Bullying is unwanted...

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Excerpt from The Baby Beluga Game Guidebook

The Beluga Whale Let’s suppose you are a beluga whale. What is it like to be you? As a Beluga whale, you are gray when first born. Your skin gets lighter with time until you are bright white. Being white helps you blend in with the sea ice. You swim easily right below...

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Cooperative Games and the Science of Sharing

Here is my review of an exhibit called The Science of Sharing, Investigating Competition, Cooperation, and Social Interaction. The exhibit is currently on display at The Exploratorium in San Francisco. First, Bravo to the Exploratorium for creating this exhibit! The...

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